North Philly rapper
Popp Hunna stepped into the spotlight with the success of his viral TikTok hit and Billboard #1 hit “Adderall (Corvette, Corvette)” and the release of his new EP Mud Bab
Indie rock recording artist
Frank Palangi is an indie rock recording artist who positively refuses to let a genre go dark, show the raw acoustic emotional side or set free the driving energetic electr
Los Angeles's hottest new up and coming singer
Kaitlin ‘Sauceyhead’ Allen is Los Angeles’s hottest new up and coming singer best known for her role as the front woman, vocalist, co songwriter, and ori
Positivity streamer with a community founded on the growth and help of all.
Rap Artist, Music Producer, and an Audio Engineer
I’m a Rap Artist, Music Producer, and an Audio Engineer. Based in the west side of Michigan and radiating Dark Hardcore Rap Music.I grew up listening
Kraevin Caedo, "The Siren"
Singer, Songwriter, Model Lead singer/songwriter of Edge of Destiny Co-founder of Unrelenting Fortitude Former Lead Singer of Beneath the Fallen and Shades of Silver
Breaking In A Sequence is an Alternative Hard Rock / Metal band based out of Huntington Beach, California.
ONE STEP FROM FALLING is a 5 piece from New York.
Grammy/Billboard winning music publisher,songwriter,producer,score producer
Lisa is a power vocalist, performer and songwriter whose voice has led her places.
For decades, Lizzy Borden has been one of theatrical rock’s top front-men
Histibe is a multi-genre electronic music producer
Maks Histibe is a multi-genre electronic music producer, visual director, sound designer and owner of creative studio Mask Movem
Female Fronted Rock with Teeth
Alternative Rock with slices of metal, goth, progressive rock, pianosand synths - presented with classic tube amp-powered riffs and thundering drums - served with male a
Pioneering the heavy metal style
Pioneering the heavy metal style while providing inspiration to psychedelic jam bands and arena rockers alike, genre-benders Blue Öyster Cult offer the world a taste o
Joe Coe is a country man of honesty and integrity. He is a funloving, grounded, family man. This talented country singer fromMiddlesboro, Kentucky is all about the Music, the roots of which started...
ingree Grove, IL based Pop-Punk/Alternative Band,
When The Sun Sets is a Pop-Punk/Alternative band based out of Pingree Grove, IL. Forming in early 2018, this energetic 4-piece has what it takes to ch
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, violinist and flautist
Singer/screamer/songwriter/actress and model
23 year old Rachel Lorin is singer/screamer/ songwriter/actress and model originally from Atlanta, GA., currently living in NYC/LA.
She performs regularly
An American nu metal band from Louisville, Kentucky.
A quintet from Louisville, Kentucky, Flawaim to create relevance and lively meaning in the nu metal scene, using
it as the foundation for dynamic,
Kentucky born singer-songwriter
Kentucky born singer-songwriter Jamie Suttle has roots that reach deep

into the rich soil of American music. The seeds of her inspiration were
planted at a young age w
Blazing onto the rock scene
Since blazing onto the rock scene, Silvertung have

proven that hard work, grit and great songs are still the recipe for

success in the competitive hard rock landscape. Wi
Power Drummer
Jeff F.Kathan is a big man. His job is simple…deliver the groove like a cattle brand from God.
Creating the best music possible, and delivering energetic performances!!
The Band Of Liars didn’t really form, they just kind of happened
The unique blend of Metal/Rock/Industrial
Hailing from the colorful and music inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique blend of Metal/Rock/Industrial that is GABRIEL AND THE APOCALY
We Be Geeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV,Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions.your officialvoice of the Geek Revolution.
Writing. Singing. Gigging
Kaitlin Walker seemed destined from very early childhood to find her fame and fortune in the music her dad loved.
He was Johnnie Walker of Bloomington, Indiana who took his d
Revolutionizing the international music market.

Conceived in 2014 by Evandro Tiburski and Fabi Terada, Overdriver Duo has revolutionized
the international
“It was never really a question for me. I never thought ‘should music really be my career?’ I just started doing it and found a way to make music my life.”

Singer-songwriter Daniel
Singer, songwriter, and actor
Tyshawn Colquitt “aka” Tyshawn is an extraordinary and talented singer, songwriter, and actor.

He has impeccable control of voice and the “sky is the limit” when it come
Blues/Rock Guitar Virtuoso
Blues/Rock Guitar Virtuoso Paul Nelson - is recognized as

one of today’s top guitarists not only having the distinction of being the hand
picked fellow guitarist to the leg
Twice a month Mark Shunock gathers an eclectic cast of guests including

stars from Hollywood, the Strip, musical acts, athletes, and celebrity
chefs for 90 minutes of cha
Blues/Rock Guitar Virtuoso
Blues/Rock Guitar Virtuoso Paul Nelson - is recognized as

one of today’s top guitarists not only having the distinction of being the hand
picked fellow guitarist to the leg
The Whiskey Hollow
Madeline Finn is the ringleader for one of Cleveland Ohio’s fastest growing bands, The Whiskey Hollow. With a background in Pop-Punk and a love for Blues, she has set out to marry t
Bass player/songwriter from the edge of Philadelphia
Vinny Tomassetti is a bass player/songwriter from the edge of Philadelphia. He was an on call bass player for many local Philly bands before he emb
New Power Generation
Rick Marcel was born in Rochester New York. He was given the gift to play at a very young age. At the age of fourteen he and his band “Radiance” played many adult venues… they wer
Along with Dre, Yella produced Eazy-E’s debut album Eazy-Duz-It

and all three N.W.A albums including one by rapper Dizzee Dac,
translating into millions of sales. He co-produced along with Arabia
The Angie Haze Project
Singer–songwriter Angie Haze is a one-woman band. Bells around her ankles. A handmade tambourine shoe. Drums encircling her piano. A guitar, cowbell, melodica, and kazoo. This w
Hot Damn
Houston we have a problem cause this rocket’s finally ready to take off and
change the atmosphere…which is exactly what she does every time she opens her mouth
to pour out her heart through
Neil Zaza- The Melodic Master
His guitar playing has defined modern day instrumental guitar the world over. His
melodic compositions have not only
changed the way musicians play, but what audiences d
World Renowned Drummer
Joel Rosenblatt is a world renowned drummer and producer. He has performed and recorded with such

greats as: Spyro Gyra, Special EFX, Lee Ritenour, Freddy

Jackson, Robben Ford
Bass Player
Peter Charell is the bass player in the band Trapt. Charell co-founded the band with vocalist Chris Taylor Brown in the 1990’s. Trapt is putting the finishing touches on the sixth studio r
Vocalist and Songwriter
Nashville-based violinist Alicia Enstrom emerges as a vocalist and songwriter in her newest album of chamber, indie-pop produced by Jon Estes and titled The Monster Speaks
(Session Musician)
* * Touring and Recording Credits Include:

—Big & Rich
—John Rich
—Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)
—Richard Marx
—Ted Nugent
—Thousand Foot Krutch
—Darius Rucker (Hootie &
Grammy Nominated American Hard Rock Singer
Tim “Ripper” Owens – Biography
Tim “Ripper” Owens (born September 13, 1967) is a Grammy nominated American hard rock singer who first gained attention as the
Corey Lowery (born February 23, 1973) is a hard rock bassist and vocalist, previously of the bands Still Rain, Stuck Mojo,[1] Switched and Stereomud. Lowery currently plays bass and provi
CAD Professional Microphones (1988) 最初成立于 1931 年,是 Astatic 的专业音频部门,现在为录音和现场扩声市场设计和制造麦克风。 CAD Audio 是创新且具有成本效益的高性能演播室和现场麦克风的领导者。
公司 CAD音频